Be a Library Book Shelving Volunteer!

Mrs. Eckleman is our Berlin Memorial Elementary School librarian and has her hands full keeping our kids interested in reading, books, great literature, authors, writing and more. She encourages each student who walks into the library to grab a book and see how they like it! She also has A LOT OF BOOKS ready to be put back on the shelves and very little time to make that happen.

That’s where YOU come in! Have a spare moment to spend at school? Love the feel of pages turning in your fingers? Love the quiet and calm that comes from walking among the book racks? Then this is the volunteer job for YOU.

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Get CORI’d! Have you completed the background check/safety form that allows you to be safely on school property? If not, visit the front desk at school and ask to complete the CORI form. You need to present one valid state ID as well. Once the form is complete, the school will finish the process to ensure that you are approved to be in the school building.

2. Watch the two training videos that Mrs. Eckleman has created to be ready to shelve those books!

Training Video #1: Book Categories & Process

Training Video #2: Tour of the Book Shelves at BMS

3. Email LINK, Inc. to confirm that you have completed the CORI and video training.

Shelving Shift Information:

  1. A list of approved volunteers (having completed the three steps listed above) will be made available to Mrs. Eckleman and Mrs. Rapa.
  2. When you arrive, sign-in at the front desk indicating that you are volunteering with LINK to shelve books in the library on the sign-in sheet.
  3. Shelve books as long as your literary heart desires!
  4. When you are ready to leave, sign-out at the front desk again.

Mrs. Eckleman has asked that volunteers NOT be in the library during her class times as it is distracting to the students. So, book shelving shifts may happen on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays ONLY between 8:30am and 3:00pm. Plan your book shelving shifts accordingly.

Easy right?!? And this is sooooooooo helpful to our BMS community.

See you in the library!