Enrichment Program Leaders WANTED!

Do you have the unique ability to do crafts with kids? Are you a musician? Dancer? Artist? Magician? Sports Enthusiast? Are you a rocket ship builder? An engineer? A scientist? A gardener?

LINK, Inc. offers enrichment programs to our BMS students in order to expose them to new ideas, new experiences, new thinking, and new doing with their minds, bodies and emotions.

And we need YOU to bring your skill and your passion to life!

Use your creativity and skills to cultivate that same love of a sport, art, or experience in the students at BMS.

How It Works:

Timing: Programs run after school from about 3:00pm to 4:30pm (or something similar to that timing). They can be a single-afternoon adventure, or a multiple day/week learning program.

Age: Programs can be for all ages from Kindergarten through 5th, or you can focus your efforts on the ages that will suit the skill best.

Plan: The Enrichment Coordinator is planning ahead, so if you’ve got an idea for the coming Spring, or even for next Fall, we’re happy to get planning right away!

Cost: LINK, Inc. charges a small fee for most enrichment programs to cover the cost of materials, supplies, and a thank-you for your time and effort. You will develop the materials budget and determine the final cost per student WITH the Enrichment Coordinator.

Have an idea you want to bring to life? Complete the “Enrichment Presenters Form” with as much of your idea as you can. The Enrichment Coordinator will reach out to begin putting your plan into action.

Have more questions? Connect with LINK Enrichment today!