Grant Proposal Information

LINK, INC. awards funds for projects, programs and materials that enhance the school curriculum and environment at Berlin Memorial School and would not otherwise be funded through the traditional school or town budgets.  In order to best serve the BMS school community and determine the needs and wants of the staff, we have created this Proposal for Grant Funding form to generate a “wish list” of opportunities.

Successful grant proposals will encourage collaborative efforts among teachers, administrators, parents and community organizations. Priority consideration is given to proposals that:

  • have a direct and immediate impact on the largest amount of students
  • yield materials/durable goods that can benefit future students
  • are self-sustaining once the initial funding is in place
  • support the goals of Berlin Memorial School

Who can submit a proposal for grant funding?

Any faculty member, staff or administrator of the Berlin-Boylston Schools may submit a proposal, as well as any parent, student or community member. Collaborative and interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged.

How do I apply?

Please complete and submit the Proposal for Grant Funding form to LINK, INC.  This application should include as much information as possible as we will use the information provided to complete grant applications for funding.  It is important that your contact information is accurate as we may need to contact you for additional information.

How much grant money is awarded?

While there is no set amount that can be awarded, in the past we have received grants that generally range between $500 – $2,000.  If you are seeking funding for programs or materials under $500, please use the Request for Funds form.

What projects are eligible for grants?

Any project that enriches or extends educational opportunities at Berlin Memorial School may be submitted. Grant funds may be sought to purchase equipment or materials. Grants requesting consultant stipends and/or fees are ineligible for funding and will not be considered.

Do you fund transportation for field trips?

At times we are able to fund bus transportation for field trips, however, it is often difficult to get grant funding for this purpose and they usually only cover a fraction of the cost.  It is easier to get grant funding to pay for an in-school performance and there is a better chance of receiving funds to bring a program to us.

Can we get funding for iPads?

It is usually not possible to fund iPad requests. Due to the high demand and cost it is extremely difficult to find funding for iPads.

How are grants awarded?

A volunteer committee reviews all grant proposals submitted and will determine the best source(s) of funds. We will likely submit a grant application for funding but we may also use money raised through a variety of fundraisers.  We cannot guarantee if or when we will be able to fund a project.

Can I submit more than one grant funding proposal?

Yes, if you have more than one project or program that you would like to have funded, please submit separate applications for each.

Where can I find the grant proposal application?

Please click here for the grant funding proposal form: LINK GRANT FUNDING PROPOSAL FORM

Where do I submit the completed proposal?

Please send your completed proposal form to:

LINK, INC. Berlin Memorial School

Attn: Grants Coordinator

34 South Street

Berlin, MA 01503


Cover Letter for Grant Funding Proposal Form